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ONE SOUL ONE LOVE 2010 Spiritual Story of Ascension & Music of the Spheres/ Heaven Dimensions ©

ONE SOUL ONE LOVE 2010 Spiritual Story of Ascension & Music of the Spheres/ Heaven Dimensions ©

Insight from my Book (The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll: Elvis´Message from Heaven)-

Our personal discoveries when we met: I dreamed of him, he dreamed of me, but he did not know I really exist until we met. I knew he did, because he is Michael Jackson and everyone knows him. I guess it was easier for me than for him. I am happy I am here still to share this for him, so People understand him and stop thinking he was bizarre or strange. He wasn´t, he was very pure and simply looking for LOVE (his true love).

Everyone is seeking their true love, it is a natural part of us, of our soul:

“From then on my life changed, and I was involved even in para- psychological scientific research regarding my out-of-body experiences I had a while ago, learning more and more about myself and these interesting topics in general. I developed starting from then, a new concept for pop music which I called “Spiritual Pop” and it is a unique form of channeled pop music from higher dimensions. I also then later shared my ideas with Michael Jackson. To my surprise, he had a light mole on his cheek, looking like a copy of the same mole I have on my cheek! But his mole was on the other side, making us feel like a mirror of each other, when we looked at each other.

Funny, because Michael told me once, that:

“I remember April 14th 1982; it was a beautiful day. Did you know I started to record my album Thriller on the DAY you were born?” and I said, “Are you serious? What a coincidence!”

Michael also told me when we met, that he had dreams all his life about me, where he seen my face so clear, he tried to draw it sometimes. He stared at me like a little boy in front of a candy store and could not believe, how similar we were…”

– Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa private Information about his personal Drawings of his Dreams at night and spiritual Visions-

Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5- 1977

Michael sings about the Girl he keeps seeing in his Dreams

Beautiful Meditation and Mind Relaxation Music by Yellow Brick Cinema:

Remember, the Yellow Brick Road in the Wiz, where Michael played for the first time in a real Movie?

He loved it and the memories of this wonderful experience will always remain in his Soul.

Angelic Dreams! (More Coming Soon)